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Our services include:

  • Survey research and design (Telephone and Internet)
  • Consumer panel design and maintenance
  • Brand image and advertising effectiveness assessment
  • New product design and demand forecasting
  • Existing product and services demand forecasting
  • Intercultural Competency Assessment Tool (ICAT)
  • Focus groups
  • Data analysis and predictive modeling
The Big Fib -- An analysis of the 2016 presidential popular vote
The attached Word document contains a written summary of our statistical analysis of the 2016 presidential popular vote.
Microsoft Word document [22.1 KB]
Popular Vote Adjusted
An analysis of the 2016 presidential popular vote with an adjustment for the net campaign effect distributed across the entire country
Popular Vote Adjusted.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [60.4 KB]
Swing State Polling and Candidate Event Data_Election_2016
SPSS file (*.sav) containing data source for "Trump Rallies Mattered...A Lot" article on
File [7.1 KB]
Linear Regression Output for 2016 Swing State Analysis
This is an HTML file containing the regression output for the final model used in the "Trump Rallies Mattered..A Lot" article on
HTML document [8.1 KB]
Analysis of 2016 Iowa House Races with Democratic Challengers (SPSS dataset)
This SPSS file contains the data used to analyze 2016 Iowa House Races with Democratic Challengers (including model residuals based on a predictive model for all competitive Iowa House Races)
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